How We Do It

Recruitment procedure

Let us know what you would like us to find then send us your screener.   If there’s no screener, we can complete a profile spreadsheet.

Once we’ve checked over the detail, and you give us the go-ahead, we can start the search  for respondents almost immediately.

Usually the process will begin with a few disguised questions in an email, some phone calls or a visit to a place where potential participants can be found. When it’s clear which respondents may fit the brief, the respondent will be screened further either by phone, email or face to face. Their responses will always be checked personally by a recruiter.

And then to be doubly sure (after all we are dealing with the general public) the respondent has an opportunity to check his or her main responses when they sign for their incentives prior to the discussion or interview. We use questionnaire design software to create the screeners online. This enables us to both check responses easily and upload the data to profile forms.

Project management

Let us know what help you need.

We can write your screener, book your studio, sort and clean your consumer lists. We can create online diaries, enhance your diaries, and collate the responses in a concise format.

From your brief we can organise the recruitment.  We love keeping ourselves busy writing your screener, arranging viewing studios or other venues.  We can ensure that your incentives are at the venue – you won’t need to go near a hole in the wall

You can relax in the knowledge that we’ve done this many times before.  In fact we’ve being doing it for a combined period of over 30 years. Leave the details to us.