Online Surveys & Diaries

Online surveys

We’re used to requests for fast turnaround qualitative projects and it’s
the same for quantitative research.  If you need some feedback within a few days, once a questionnaire is approved it can go live within a few hours.

We’ll prepare, programme and upload the survey based on your outline questionnaire and provide all the basic tables and any further cross tabulations required.

Think about using our competitively-priced online survey service.  For £1500 you can ask 15 multiple choice and 2 open-ended questions plus standard demographic details to a verifiable nationwide database.

This is popular with clients who need to look at an issue quickly.

Respondent diaries/video diaries

We can prepare and upload your respondents’ diaries for their use online either via their Smartphones or their computers.  We can manage your diaries with text messages reminding respondents to keep those responses coming.

Responses can be uploaded by Die B to a single, manageable spreadsheet.  If your respondents are doing video diaries, we can advise on sites to upload to and guide respondents through the process.

And if your respondents prefer paper, we can do those too.