Things We’ve Done

We work with a range of clients who require help with their qualitative research, for example:

Research agencies and consultants
Freelance researchers and planners
Research Buyers
Ad or media agencies
Consumer insight departments

Some of the projects we’ve worked on recently:

Hair care products, premium desserts, breakfast cereals, trainers/sports shoes, large supermarket chain, sports drinks, hotel & leisure chain, beer, spirits, cheese, yogurt, utilities, beauty products, airlines, fruit juice, tourism.  And many more…… mostly blue-chip major brands.

And we like the more unusual tasks.  Here are a few examples:

  • Skype interviews with opinion formers, fashionistas and early adopters
  • Accompanied shopping trips to a new fashion store
  • Recruiting ordinary people for an advertising photo shoot
  • Recruiting respondents able to spend a couple of days in a hotel as mystery guests
  • Recruiting at a British-owned hotel in Spain
  • Filling a cinema to view a film
  • Filmed interviews in respondents’ homes
  • Interviews with families over breakfast
  • Collating respondents’ diaries and related photos into a usable format